Careers, Education & Employment 2017

July 26, 2017

There are big decisions awaiting you once you finish school and head out into the big wide world.
Are you interested in heading to university, does a gap year appeal or are you looking at joining the workforce?
These are all questions you need to ask yourself and quite often the hardest decision to make is which direction to take.
Here in the Echuca-Moama Careers, Education & Employment magazine we hope to help you along the path and in this edition we take a look at two different people, both taking on the experience of an apprenticeship, both at different ages.


Mitchell has left secondary school to take on a chef apprenticeship at Rich River Golf Club Resort, while Kirsten has chosen to have a family first and then make her way into her dream career as a chef also.
Both have been able to follow their dreams, no matter what their age, and both are proof if you want anything bad enough, you just have to go out and chase it.
We also take a look at the value of work experience for secondary students and the importance of checking out potential career options.
Work experience is a valuable school based program and can help lead, or steer you away from a particular path.
As a young person with the world at your feet just remember it’s ok to not have all the answers and sometimes where you are heading may not necessarily be where you end up and you know what, that’s ok.
Just remember knowledge is king and you can never have too much information, especially when it comes to something as important as your future and always remember if at first you don’t succeed,
try and try again.

Sophie Baldwin, Editor

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