It’s Jye’s link to the world

May 18, 2018

Allan Palmer and his son Jye at the Echuca Specialist School.

ECHUCA’S Allan Palmer believes school is his son’s ‘‘saviour’’.

‘‘It gets him (Jye) out of the house,’’ he said.

‘‘He likes to come and see the teachers and just everyone who is around him.’’

Mr Palmer said a lot of the students at the school did not have a voice to share their opinion.

It is why Mr Palmer is sharing his son’s.

‘‘We need a new school, it needs to happen,’’ he said.

‘‘Some students might be able to share their opinion but a lot don’t have a voice.

‘‘It’s like they’ve been forgotten.’’

Jye, 13, started at Echuca Specialist School when he was just five years old.

‘‘Jye is autistic,’’ Mr Palmer explained.

‘‘He’s low functioning and non-verbal.

‘‘He’s very happy when he’s at school.

‘‘He’s got swimming today (Wednesday) so he’s pretty happy about that.’’

When Jye went into kinder in Moama, Mr Palmer said he realised how important it was for him and his future that he be put into an environment in which he was going to be comfortable.

‘‘He would last about five minutes,’’ Mr Palmer said.

‘‘Each day his mum (Margaret Vicary) would drop him off and because it wasn’t his environment he would have a melt-down but then when he came to the specialist school he loved it.’’

Mr Palmer, who is on the school council, said it was disgusting what the students had to put up with.

‘‘If it was mainstream it would be dealt with straight away,’’ he said.

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