From Kyabram student to Riv journalist

By Riverine Herald

DOING work experience at the Riverine Herald has really helped me decide what I want my career to be.

Working with, and learning from, such amazing people has been such an equally amazing experience for me – coming here for work experience was far from the worst decision I have made in the past few weeks.

Starting work experience, I didn’t know what to expect, let alone do.

It started slowly because it was the peak production time for the seven papers produced in Echuca, but it was entertaining watching everyone buzzing around trying to get everything done by deadline.

As I was a bit shy about just jumping in I wasn’t sure where it would all go but everyone helped me and gave me lots of work to do so I was grateful for that.

My first day I completed a range of tasks new to me, but with plenty of helping hands I quickly learnt and I was able to get rock and rolling.

During the past week I have taken photos and videos, written many stories for both the Riverine Herald and Campaspe News, made phone calls, and saw (and learnt a lot about) what happens when interviewing someone. It was an amazing experience I will always remember.

While working on a number of stories I admit I was scared to death while striving for perfection.

I wanted my photos and videos to be perfect, I wanted my stories to be perfect, and I was 100 per cent scared to make those phone calls – but when I did nervously pick the phone up to make that first call, I managed to get everything done, even though I was terrified.

But in my time here I learnt everything doesn’t have to be done to that exacting standard and that made my time there a lot easier.

My favourite task while on work experience was definitely making the phone calls; because even though I was scared to do it, I was able to overcome the fear and do something I’ve never done in such a professional setting.

Friday was my last day and I simply did not want to leave, I have had so much fun learning from these dedicated journalists and I will keep this experience with me forever.

I really want to thank Tyla, Lachie, Alex, Char, Kim, Ivy, Cath and Andrew – and everyone else at the Riverine Herald for the opportunity to work there – I was pretty sure it would be overwhelming and I never thought I would have been able to do that.