Karina Bruffell and her family adjust to remote study

By Brayden May

THE start of term 2 has been looking very different for Karina Bruffell and her three children – Aiden, Briony and Cade.

All of their learning is now taking place at home due to restrictions in place because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s been good because it has been a good way to building up family time,” Karina said.

“The two older kids have been a lot easier because they are online every day and getting their work done.

“I don’t really have to do much for them.

Karina's daughter Briony. Photo: Cath Grey

“Cade has needed a bit more help because he is in grade four. I’ve enjoyed seeing what he has been learning at school and if he has an issue working with him to solve it.

“But the hardest thing for me is that I’m studying as well and trying to get assignments done.”

While Karina may have a positive outlook on the situation, the kids had differing views.

“I’m really like it because you’re working in a quieter space with less people which means I’ve been able to get more work done and it is easier to concentrate,” Briony said.

“It can be a little challenging working with my family in the same room but I’m still managing to work through it.

Karina working from home in her lounge room. Photo: Cath Grey

“I’ve found it a lot easier to talk to the teacher because I just email them when I want to ask something.”

Aiden added: “Everything is just easier on paper because it means I wouldn’t have to go on Google Classrooms or anything like that.

“Working from home means I’m missing my friends a lot as well. We’ve been messaging a lot as a way of staying in touch, but it isn’t the same.”

Karina's sons Aiden and Cade during recess, the children play on the trampoline with the dog Bandit. Photo: Cath Grey

Meanwhile Cade said: “It’s good because it’s nice and quiet and I can focus.”

“But Aiden can be a bit distracting because he tells us everything he is going to do or when he is going to do it. We are using an app where the teachers tell us what to do and that has made everything a lot easier.”

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